12 May 2015

RWANDA : Buzangu inspires CSK over Patriots

Mike Buzangu.

Patriots            60-71      CSK
UR-CASS          53-74      Espoir
Rusizi               47-86      APR
IPRC-South     98-53      30-Plus
UR-CASS          19-51      APR
Mike Buzangu scored 29 points as Cercle Sportif de Kigali (CSK) came from two quarters down to beat Patriots 71-60 in a tightly contested league match on Sunday at Amahoro stadium.
Patriots, who have been in good form recently won the first two quarters 20-11, 20-17 to go into half-time break with a 40-27 lead but CSK re-organised themselves in the second half winning the last two quarters 24-7 and 19-11.
Elsewhere, reigning champions Espoir BBC continued their impressive run beating 30-Plus 76-36 on Saturday before claiming a 74-53 win over UR- College of Arts and Social Sciences in an entertaining game held at a fully-packed UR- Huye campus gymnasium.
In the women’s league, The Hoops Rwanda beat 53-33 IPRC- South on Saturday while seven-time champions APR BBC humiliated UR- CASS 51-19.
Espoir lead the league with 27 points, APR with two points adrift are second while Patriots and CSK BBC come third and fourth with 24 points respectively.

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