25 May 2015

RWANDA : APR eye second position in hoops league

UR-CASS vs CSK 11am
IPRC-Kigali vs APR 2pm
Rusizi vs Espoir 9am
UR-CoE vs UR-CASS 11am
UR-CASS vs The Hoops 12pm
Ubumwe vs APR 2pm
APR Basketball Club are keen on taking second spot in the ongoing national basketball regular league  after failing their bid to wrestle the title from rivals, Espoir.
Jean Bahufite’s Espoir secured their fourth consecutive league title last weekend after beating the military side 68-48.
The seven-time champions APR have a stiff challenge to overcome this afternoon when they face Albert Buhake’s IPRC- Kigali at NPC gymnasium at 2pm and APR technician Cliff Owuor believes his boys will prevail.
Apart from today’s hurdle, the black-and-white outfit have league matches against hopefuls Patriots and struggling 30-plus before the league winds up early next month.

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