22 April 2015

UGANDA : Depleted Warriors entertain Falcons

By their admission, Falcons found it too easy in their first game, a 104-59 win over Sharing Youth. “We did not find any difficulty and hopefully it remains so throughout the campaign,” Falcons’ Kenyan imports Joseph Ouma and Ariel Okall, recruited from Kenyan Ports Authority, said in unison after their first game.
Today’s opponents Warriors, who they meet at YMCA, are unlikely to be as obliging though.
“We strongly believe we can win,” Warriors coach Gad Eteu said despite raising only seven players for their first encounter, an 81-66 victory over Dits.
Warriors have also since lost experienced centre, Henry Malinga, who finally concluded his move to KIU Titans while Stephen Okias is still out with illness.
Guard Sedar Sagamba is expected to return after sitting out the opener, according to Eteu.
“Eight players should be able to do it for us as we look to make more additions,” the warriors coach stated. Meanwhile, the Kansanga-based KIU hosts its first games this evening with the home men and women’s teams both in action against Sharing Youth and Amazon Rhino respectively.
“I just felt the need for a change of environment. You get complacent when you stay in the same team for a long time,” Malinga said of his move to KIU. Malinga joins an already established cast of Francis Sokoroza, Norman Blick, Chris Omanye and Geoffrey Soro.
KIU vs. Amazon Rhino 6:30pm, at KIU
A1 vs. Lady Marines 6:30, at YMCA
KIU Titans vs. Sharing 8:30pm, at KIU
Warriors vs. Falcons 8:30, at YMCA

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