01 March 2015

UGANDA : Sudi Ulanga completes move to Power

Sudi Ulanga has completed his move to Power Photo Credits: Basketball 256 Sudi Ulanga has completed his move to Power
For the next two seasons, Tanzanian born star player Sudi Ulanga will be playing for Tiger Head Power. The shooting guard has finally completed his move to the five-time champions.
“I feel relieved. Moving on is not an easy thing” Ulanga told Kawowo Sports. “My move is confirmed and i will be playing for Power this season”
Ulanga believes he is a big addition and will easily fit into Power who haven't won a championship since 2011 and were swept at last year’s finals.
“I believe my addition will bring a lot on the table. I like they way Power plays as a team and i believe i can easily fit in. I played with Dulla for 3 seasons back home and we won two championships together, so i think we can build from there” Ulanga said.
Ulanga is grateful to the UCU fraternity for the time he spent there.
“I really had fun (at UCU) and enjoyed myself” he said. “It was a good feeling to be trusted by everyone, especially my teammates and my coach.”
"The Dosa played a big part to make sure i was very comfortable. The UCU fans have been amazing”
The star guard had a special shout for his fiance, Sandra Munduru.
“She is an amazing woman. She has always been there for me. She contributes a lot to my performance” Ulanga said on his fiance. “I couldn't actually make this decision without her”
Ulanga steps right into the shoes of game legend Norman Blick who left Power for KIU Titans.

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