10 February 2015

KENYA : Basketball Federation's tough stand on doping

  • KBF takes a lead in ensuring the players are clean from doping and warns culprits of dire consequences. (SNA File Photo)
Kenya Basketball Federation (KBF) has become the third sporting body in the country to take a firm stand against doping.
Basketball has not been linked to any doping cases but the federation has moved to cushion its reputation against the vice.
Recently, doping has dominated sports headlines following reported cases in athletics. It is only last week that Athletics Kenya (AK) held a stakeholders forum and resolved to confront doping head-on.
In athletics, one of their main strategies will be to sensitize athletes on their responsibilities when it comes to doping.
The Kenya Rugby Union recently carried out various random in and out of competition tests for its national squad of 35 men and women. The Union announced on Monday that all the players who were tested between March and December 2014 returned a negative test.
KBF has now followed suit and warned players ahead of the new season that any such cases will attract heavy consequences.
According to the new league rules adopted at the 2015 annual general meeting, any person who uses, administers or facilitates the use of any doping substances shall be liable to a suspension of one (1) year for a first offence. A repeat of the same offence will attract a life ban.
“Doping in whatever form is outlawed by the Federation. In addition to any other sanction as the Federation may determine, the Federation reserves the right to carry out drug tests and any other anti- doping controls at any time during and after the season,” the Federation stated.
KBF adopts conference format
Starting this season, the league will be played in conferences. Each of the men and women premier leagues as well as national division one will have two conferences. Every conference will be played in two legs on a home and away basis with the top four teams in every conference proceeding to the playoffs quarterfinals.
At the inter-conference level, games will be played on basis of one game series. Quarterfinal games will be played on a best-of-three series while semifinal and final games will be on a best-of-five series.Classification games will be a one-off affair.
The new rules also seek to give all teams a fair playing ground in the playoffs series. “In the event of a game five (05), the Committee shall determine the venue provided that both teams shall have enjoyed home court advantage and sponsors interest shall be taken into account.”
Clubs will be able to sign players directly from primary and secondary schools who do not have national identification cards. However, there are strict requirements that must be fulfilled.
“They are eligible for registration with any club for participation in the league upon production of written authority from the Principal/Headteacher of such school allowing them to play for a club of their choice,” the rules read. “Such students shall also produce a valid school ID card. For students who have left school and do not possess a national ID card, a school leaving certificate from their last school shall suffice.”
Transfers a thorny issue
Transfer of players has always been a thorny issue but KBF is seeking to streamline that with the coming season. No club will be allowed to sign more than 26 players and six officials for a season.
The transfer window will end 14 days before commencement of the new season. When the season is in progress, there will be a transfer window running for the entire of June.
Outside the official transfer period, clubs will be allowed to make signings if they lose players due to certified permanent, physical or mental incapacity or death, or imprisonment or leaves the country for a minimum period of 6 months.
That will only be allowed once a club is in a position of providing tangible proof to the federation.
For premier league and division one transfers, there will be a transfer fee of Sh. 5, 000. The federation will retain Sh. 2, 000 and remit Sh. 3, 000 to the club losing a player.
The federation will also seek to instill discipline among players with hefty fines and suspension for culprits as well as teams that forfeit league games and cause abandonment.

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