10 November 2014

UGANDA : Elungat punishes UCU Canons in Falcons victory

Last year, UCU Canons failed to live with Stephen Omony during the first round of the National Basketball League playoffs. His ‘dance’ on the post decided the thrilling three-match series which Falcons 2-1. It’s impossible to ignore the forward’s impact.
When he took a supporting role in game one on Friday, UCU, yet to beat Falcons in playoff series, must have felt a sense of entitlement. Omony finished with four points, nine rebounds and four steals while committing two turnovers in 28 minutes.
They couldn’t have guessed that Peter Elungat was ready to lead in his 33 minutes. An irresistible performance worth 21 points and 10 rebounds gave Falcons a 67-63 victory and a 1-0 series lead. “I just had to play well,” Elungat said. This was by far his best game in the two seasons when he has largely gone into slumber. He connected with 7 of his 16 attempts from two-point range.
UCU were late on defending him as he engaged attack mode as much as they were 30 minutes for the game and didn’t get the chance to warm up.
Sam Obol’s team, or rather Elungat, were ready to feast on a disorganized UCU outfit, taking a 55-30 lead early in the fourth quarter. However, consistency is one thing Falcons must buy.
After keeping UCU to 28 points in three quarters, they let in 35 in the final eight minutes to offer the university side a glimmer of hope.

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