15 October 2014

RWANDA : Ferwaba closes door to Hoops team for foreign players

Robert Thompson is one of the Naturalised Players that won't be called for national duty again. (File Photo)
Rwanda Basketball Federation (Ferwaba) will have to embark on a hunt for local talent following a decision to end their reliance on American born players.
Ferwaba Secretary General, Richard Mutabazi, said recently that they took into account the fact that naturalised players on the national team have not been performing well.
Since 2007, Rwanda has recruited six American basketball players after they were naturalised
in efforts aimed at strengthening the national team to compete in major continental and sub-regional competitions.
Some of the Americans who were naturalised include Manix Auriantal, Robert Thomson, Edouard Miller, Kenneth Gasana, Cameron Bradley, and Mathieu Miller. Mutabazi said, “Despite recruitment of high-level basketball players, the performance of the national team still leaves much to be desired,"
"Outside the detection of local young talents, this decision will help reduce the huge expenses in allowances and other costs paid to these American basketball players," Mutabazi said.
The decision comes a few days after the newly appointed Minister of Sports and Culture, Ambassador Joseph Habineza urged all local sports federations to promote the recruitment of young local talents.

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