31 October 2014

NIGERIA : Zamfara Shooters, Gilali Leading Div. Two Tournament

The Zamfara Shooters and Gilali Basketball Club of Abuja have emerged as early front runners to gain promotion to the National Basketball Division 1 Championship as both clubs continue to cruise at the Nigerian Basketball Federation (NBBF) organised National Division Two tournament holding at the Package B of the National Stadium in Abuja.
The tournament which started on Monday has witnessed three days of mouth-watering actions. The Zamfara Shooters have been shooting down all opposition as they remain unbeaten in the competition. The Shooters secured a 51-63 win over Benue Pearls, have already gotten the better of Coal City Kings of Enugu by 75 to 51points and struggling hosts, Team FCT 57-49 who finally got their first win yesterday.
Another team firing in Abuja, is Abuja-based Gilali Balls Club who have secured two wins from two, beating Solid Heat of Nasarawa by 66-52 points and a narrow 50-48 victory over the Benue Pearls to keep their 100 percent record in the tournament. . Action continues today in Abuja, as six teams battle for promotion to Division One.

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