24 September 2014

RWANDA : Rwanda overcome resilient Kenya in Zone V Qualifiers

The Rwanda team which played against Kenya yesterday. (Courtesy photo)
Fiba Zone V tourney
Rwanda 63-79 Egypt
Kenya 77-82 Rwanda
Uganda 77-85 Egypt
Rwanda vs. Somalia 18.00
Sept. 28
Rwanda vs. Uganda
Rwanda vs. Somalia
Rwanda Men's basketball team beat Kenya 82-77 to register their first victory in the Fiba Zone V Qualifiers yesterday at the MTN Arena, Logogo in Uganda.
After losing to defending champions Egypt 63-79, Rwanda was meant to either win yesterday’s fixture or forget about making any positive impact in their quest to win the title.
Moise Mutokambali’s side played extremely well as they won all the four quarters. Aristide Mugabe and Kami Kabangu led the offensive as Rwanda won the first quarter 22-13 with the duo registering a combined 14 points in the last four minutes of the quarter.
At half time, Rwanda was still in the lead 46-35 with Kami now amassing 19 points after pulling back 8 rebounds.
In the third quarter, Aristide Mugabe and Cameron Bradley ran the show for Rwanda to help the national team secure the quarter with a 65-51 win over Kenya.
In the final quarter, Kenya put on a spirited show in their bid to close the gap with Desmond Owili opening the quarter with a baseline dunk but Bradley answered Kenya back with a deep to help Rwanda extend the lead 68-55.
With 25 seconds to the end of the game, Rwanda was in lead with 80-74 before Kenyan coach Ojukwu called for time out. Play resumed and with 6.5 seconds to go, Rwanda requested for time out and resumed moments later, snatching 82-77 to register a deserved win which has blown the men’s group wide open again.
Meanwhile, in another game played yesterday, hosts Uganda were beaten by defending champions Egypt 85 - 77. Rwanda faces Somalia later in the evening in their third game of the tournament. Forward Kenneth Gasana who missed yesterday’s game due to a groin injury might return back to guide the nation to a most-wanted win over a tricky and talented Somalia team.
Rwanda V against Kenya: Aristide Mugabe, Lionnel Hakizimana, Curtis Bradley Cameron, Olivier Shyaka and Kami Kabange.

Way to go Team Rwanda!!!!!

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