25 July 2014

SEYCHELLES ; On the transfer trail

The second round of the basketball season promises to be an exciting affair as some of the top teams have strengthened their squad.
There is no doubt that the first round has produced some surprising results more so the demise of double winners PLS Hawks who have suffered four defeats in eight matches.
Defending champions Hawks have basically allowed their title to slip out of their grasps with some shock performances where they have not been up to the required level allowing Baya and Mont Fleuri Dawgz to rule the roost.
Hawks now have lost one of their star players, namely centre Rodney Lozé who has moved to the Dawgz to link up with coach Nigel Ah-Kong and his technical advisor Roy Noël.
Coach Ah-Kong told Sports Nation that his team are happy to sign such a top calibre player adding that they are in a strong position in the league but must continue to train seriously and keep their focus.

As for PLS Hawks coach Clifford Joubert, he was not too concerned with the departure of Lozé as he is confident they have enough squad players to overcome this setback.
“We will not stand in the way of a player who decides to move on although I must admit it will be difficult for my team to retain our league title. But we will keep trying our best and use the second round to prepare for the Indian Ocean Club Championship (IOCC) as well as the Seychelles Basketball Federation (SBF) Cup. We must admit that we have been below par but the other teams have not been that exceptional. Therefore this gives us hope that we can have a better second round,” coach Joubert said.

The Hawks though have not signed any player and even Premium Cobras have decided to persevere with the squad at their disposition.

Nevertheless, league leaders Baya, who have lost only once this season, have also signed a top class big man in the shape of Robert Léon from Beau Vallon Heat.
Léon left Baya two seasons ago but has decided to return to Baya as they make a title charge.
“We are delighted to have Robert Léon back as his presence will help boost the morale in our camp as we need players in this position,” Baya’s coach Michel Malbrook told Sports Nation.

The transfers
Rodney Lozé from PLS Hawks to Mont Fleuri Dawgz
James Joubert from RC Dynamics to Grand Anse Wolves
Dean Zelime from Premium Cobras to Grand Anse Wolves
Barry Dubignon from Drifters to Grand Anse Wolves
Mamadou Diallo from RC Dynamics to Juniors
Yannick Larue from RC Dynamics to Juniors
Laura Françoise from Mont Fleuri to B. Challenge
Jean-Yves Edmond from Anse Etoile to Baya
Robert Léon from Beau Vallon Heat to Baya
Alf Aglaé from Premium Cobras to Beau Vallon Heat
Biko Biong from Beau Vallon Heat to Cascade Bullets
Ted Jumaye from Razors to Beau Vallon Heat
Sandy Julienne from Baya to Beau Vallon Heat
Steve Allisop from Mont Fleuri Dawgz to Beau Vallon Heat

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