01 July 2014

GAMBIA : 'Basketball Season a Success, but Sponsors Not Forthcoming'

The president of The Gambia Basketball Association, Muhammed Papa Njie has described the 2014 basketball season a 'success', but says sponsors are not forthcoming. Njie was speaking to Observer Sports on Friday at the basketball court of the Independence Stadium and Friendship Hostel at the fringes of the well-attended 'All-Star' game staged by the association, which brings to an end a thrilling 2014 season. The GBA boss said the purpose of the 'All-Star' game is to say thank you to the best players of the league as well as to recognise their performances by playing together as a team. "They have been playing each other for the whole season and it is now time for them to relax. If you look at the way they are playing, it is all about entertainment."
Njie described the 2014 basketball season as a rollercoaster with high and low moments, but noted that that is what the game is all about. He pointed out indiscipline from some players as among the low points. "But overall it has been a more successful season than last year, but unfortunately we don't have a sponsor still," he further told Observer Sports.
He said the Basketball Association executive will do more publicity about the game to attract sponsors, while stressing the need for government to support the game to encourage others to come on board. He added: "This is part of a five-year plan that we have and now we have enough players to start knocking on sponsors to go to the 'All Africa Games' and 'an All-Afro Basketball 2015'."
According to the GBA boss, the 2014/15 season will start in October to allow the league to finish on time, considering the limited basketball courts, while thanking the players, coaches, referees and most importantly the supporters who have made the season a success

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