02 May 2014

UGANDA : Teams jostle for ZUBL final slots

Teams jostle for ZUBL final slots
UCU’s Jonathan Egau (left) drives past Kampala University’s Michael Dengi in the Zuku Basketball League quarter-final yesterday. Photo by Michael Nsubuga
By Charles Mutebi 
Zuku University Basketball League (Semi-finals, Lugogo)
The National Basketball League (NBL) season is just beginning. The Zuku University Basketball League (ZUBL) has reached the finish line.
Unfortunately, the two competitions have found themselves clashing at the most important period of the ZUBL, leading to a turn of events that has created tension between the two leagues.
Basketball governing body FUBA made a late decision on Wednesday to postpone yesterday’s and today’s NBL games partly to ensure that the ZUBL championship playoffs attract maximum attention ahead of Saturday’s climax.
They also pushed the games forward to deal with a clash of fixtures that saw Ndejje University scheduled to play games in both competitions on the same day.
Ndejje were meant to face Tiger Head Power in the NBL yesterday yet they were also due to face the Kisubi Brothers in the ZUBL.
Already, Ndejje’s NBL clash with the Falcons last Sunday was scratched because the Angels were also active in the ZUBL competition.
Needless to add, FUBA’s decision to cancel NBL games has not gone down well with everyone.
“I don’t understand how the main league gives way for a university league,” said one top NBL club director.

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