09 May 2014

NIGERIA : NBBF Fines Gombe Bulls N150,000

Following the invasion of the court by supporters of Gombe Bulls during the Match 32 game between them and visiting Mark Mentors on April 25 the Nigerian Basketball Federation (NBBF), has fined the host team the sum of N150,000 with a strong warning to them to ensure that such act never re-occurs.
The federation in a statement yesterday said that it took the decision based on the "unlawful disruption of the game by way of invasion of the playing court by (Gombe Bull's) supporters as well as an attempted physical assault of one of the match referees." Stressing that the DSTv Basketball League has no tolerance for any form of violence or hooliganism, the NBBF warned the club that it "will enforce, without fear or favour, severe sanctions to checkmate such tendencies."
The statement added that Gombe Bulls are now placed on notice and that such actions shall not be tolerated from its supporters or anyone connected to it and will without hesitation, "banish your team to play its home games away at a neutral venue acceptable to the federation or outright ban your team from the league to serve as example to teams that employ unfair, unlawful and unacceptable tactics to win games at home."
This is the third club to be sanctioned by the NBBF for acts capable of disrupting the DSTv Premier League after Royal Hoopers of Port Harcourt and Niger Potters of Minna were similarly punished.

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