01 April 2014

UGANDA : Power’s new look may sway them to the title

Power's new players: Olobo, Odom, Ameny, Enabo and DullahPhoto credits: Kawowo SportsPower's new players: Olobo, Odom, Ameny, Enabo and Dullah
National Basketball League giants and five time champions, Power unveiled new sponsors and their team for the upcoming 2014 season last Friday at Kati Kati. Ivan Enabu, Philip Ameny and Abdullahi Ramadhani were the new big faces unearthed.
In my first offseason dynamics I had nearly written off Power and Falcons but only left some room because of the status of the two clubs in Ugandan basketball. I was certain that ‘Dullah’ left Falcons and joined Power and my major question then was what will happen to the intensity?
Thanks to Tiger Head and Power management, I have got a solid answer. If any thing will happen to Power’s intensity, it is going to be positive and will make them probably the best fast break team in the league – again. Enabu, Ikong, Odong and Blick can facilitate Power’s aplomb of quick explosive transition basketball. These players are able to force quite a number of turnovers and get one of them some run-outs, get him some easy stuff in transition.Power has not had a strong interior and is the major reason they were battered by City Oilers in last year’s playoffs. That area seems to have been significantly cleaned up and they now have the option of half court plays going through Philip Ameny (one of the best back-to-the-basket players in the league), Isaac Afidra (though he ‘prefers’ to play as a perimeter player) David Kiberu, Micheal Kojo and occasionally Daniel Owiti. If Dulla and Enabu can harness the scoring potential of these bigs especially Ameny through getting him more touches in the paint – and they gel, you have to follow the season and see how Power turn out.
Now that Power’s offensive prowess is clear, how about the defense? Paul Mwaka is one of the best one-on-one defenders in the league, Derrick Mbusi, Philip Ameny and Dulla are solid defenders as well and Afidra can be on a good day. Enabu will use his ability to steal to help his team defensively and turn it into quick break away points on the other end.
Power looked porous last season but their new look will not only make them as strong and competitive as City Oilers, it might get them a championship for the first time since 2011 if Bernes Akunda can juggle the players around well. With that star stuffed roster Power are heavy-favourites.

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