24 April 2014

UGANDA : Falcons basketball club ink Ug.shs 200M Krinshna deal

Ahead of the 2013 FUBA basketball season, Falcons basketball club has on Thursday afternoon announced a Ug.shs 200 million deal with wax manufacturers, Krishna at Arirang Hotel in Kampala.
“As a club we are so glad to unveil the deal worth Ug.shs 200M with Krishna. In the nearby future, we shall be disclosing the rest of the partners we shall work within the new season”, Club President, Robert Kagolo said.
Agreement with Makerere University:
At the same occasion, Falcons used the occasion to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Makerere University as a way of partnering to use the institution’s basketball facility for training and hosting home games.
“We have partnered with Falcons for a long time and today is a great time to legalize issues”, a jovial Peninah Kabenge, an administrator at Makerere University told the press.
Falcons will refurbish the Makerere University basketball facility in a separate deal whose details could not be revealed to the press due to a confidentiality clause in the agreement.
"Today doubles as the d-day to disclose that Falcons as an affiliate member to Makerere University will use the Makerere main grounds basketball courts as our home ground for the next 5 years. We can not reveal the contract's nitty gritty due to a binding confidentiality clause", Kagolo, a lawyer by profession said.
Contracted players:
The club's players have all been contracted and will receive basic wages and salaries. The team has recruited Ives Kalambay (from Makindye Shooters), Abdul Ntale (Berkley), Johan Mukwemba (Rhinos) and the South Sudanese ace. Luelbai Marial Diamonds in the Sand).
The 4 new players will join the experienced pack of team Captain, Peter Elugat, Herbert Akita, Douglas Uwizera, Sande Okot, Kabangu Serge, Emmanuel Aupal, Moses Okwera, Cyrus Kiviri,  and the Steven duo of Mwesige and the ever fresh vetern Steven Omwony.
Obol Set:
Falcons' Head coach used the moment to echo the readiness of his charges and promised a diligent season with silverware as the final reward.
"I speak on technical issues. About my players, we are ready for the challenges that come forth with the season. We are working for the main prize, being champions", a confident sounding Obol, said.
The 2014 FUBA season kicks off Friday at the YMCA courts with two games. The ladies duel will involve the defending champions, UCU lady Canons taking on the KIU rangers while the men's defending champions, City Oilers will take on UCU men in the second game on card.

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