18 March 2014

NIGERIA : Injury Knocks Off Akinwale for Rest of Season

There is sadness in the camp of Lagos Islanders basketball club at the moment. The reason is that their dependable captain, Seun Akinwale, has been ruled out of the rest of the season as a result of the injury he copped last Friday playing the DStv Basketball League match against Police Baton. Doctors at the National Orthopaedic Hospital in Lagos have confirmed that there is no way Akinwale can return to the game earlier than 12 weeks as a result of the dislocation of his right elbow. Lagos Islanders financier and owner, Damoye Oyesiku, confirmed what the doctors at Igbobi said about Akinwale. "He is much better now; indeed he was able to watch our training today (yesterday). From the picture the doctor has painted Akinwale will be out for about three months which practically takes him out for the rest of our season. He was however happy that the point guard was recovering well.
"All he needs now is to return to the hospital at the appointed dates while resting the arms. Overall he will be okay now," he hoped. Akinwale's injury however failed to dampen the morale of his mates who went to beat Police Barton 49-38. The Islanders captain is the first player to be injured on the new floor of the indoor hall of the National Stadium in Lagos which some players and coaches insist was too hard. It was launched by the NBBF at the start of the new season. Customs of Lagos shocked the star-studded Union Bank 61-53 in the other match of the Atlantic Conference played at the weekend. Coach Ayinla Johnson of Union Bank however insisted that his players were yet to acclimatize to his new style of play. "We played but we had too many turnovers and that was why we lost the game. My players are not yet in shape to fit into my style. When we properly adjust the output would change. But I guess it's better to lose early in the season and adjust than suffer it later," he said. Mark Mentors defeated Gombe Bulls 89-51 in the Savannah Conference game played in Abuja. Plateau Peaks defeated their hosts Niger Potters 65-51.

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