23 March 2014

KENYA : Basketball AGM dumps conferences league format

Members during the AGM at Nyayo
Members during the AGM at Nyayo
 Updated on 22/03/14  |    By DENNIS MACHIO

The 2014 Kenya Federation Basketball League kick off has been postponed to a later date. This comes after the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Nairobi on Saturday dumped initial proposals to have a conferences format which was rejected by members. The league had been scheduled to kick off on the 29th of March.
The new fixtures are expected to be released after two weeks with the members agreeing to adopt the old format where all teams play against each other in a competitive nationwide league.
Majority of the members at the AGM resonated with the concerns from coaches and players who said the new  format ,that had been divided into two zones, was unhealthy to the development of the league. The new league format proposal had been adopted in a previous team managers’ meeting held in Nairobi.
The six hour AGM held at the Nyayo gymnasium also agreed that the Conferences will be retained but only for administrative purposes with members suggesting the reintroduction of the points systems in annual tournaments in a bid to encourage more teams to take part.  A special committee will be formed to discuss this at a later stage.

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