07 February 2014

UGANDA : Kabange Tipped to Win MVP Accolade

Ahead of this Saturday's 2013 Fuba Awards at Imperial Royale hotel, Felix Eupal predicts the award winners in each of the ten categories recognising the outstanding performers.
Play-off MVP [Men]:
Without a doubt it has to be City Oil's Kami Kabange. He was just phenomenal, averaging 20.4 points per game. He carried the team on his shoulders, picking rebounds, sinking crucial points in the paint as well as terrorising teams on the charity line.
Play-off MVP [Ladies]:
With the levels of competition not quite changing in the women's league, it's hard to assess who really stood out; so, the accolade would go to Peace Proscovia. Regular Season MVP:
This one has a number of nominees in my book from Kabange, Jimmy Enabu (Oilers) Brian odour (Ndejje Angels), Ben Komakech (Dmark Power and Phillip Amenyi (Falcons). In all, Kabenge is still miles ahead of the rest.
Most disciplined Teams:
Fact is this is one award that goes to the least-performing teams so that they don't walkout empty-handed; so, expect Nkumba Marines and Gladiators to walk away with these ones in men and women respectively.
Most improved teams:
Walker Obedi's Ndejje Angels shocked many last season, they beat Power, Warriors and UCU Canons for the first time and made the play-offs for the second year running. For that, they deserve it.
On the women's front, Nabisunsa had very big hearts.
Most defensive teams:
They may not have star men but KIU Titans had the most impenetrable paint and defended in droves each time they lost didn't have the ball.
On the women's side UCU Lady Canons had a near perfect way of closing down opponents.
Top scorers:
Unfortunately this award that is purely based on statistics, but book-keeping always seems to elude Fuba.
Coach of the year:
City Oilers head coach Mandy Juruni has no competition, he led Warriors to the title in 2013 and then jumped ship and transformed debutants Oilers not only into party spoilers but into champions in just one year.
Manager of the year:
City Oilers Silver Rugamba breathed and lived his team, ensuring that all the players' needs are catered for both on and off the court. He is the reason the players concentrated only on basketball because he had the other needs covered.
Most promising players:
City Oilers forward Samuel Kalwanyi is one player with all the ingredients to make a monster in the paint while Ndejje Angels Jonah Otim is one heck of a shooting guard. For me it comes down to these two.
Outstanding performance:
Two players had exceptional performances this season: Dmark Power's Komakech and Kabenge. Komakech kept Power afloat for as long as he could, with his three pointers and drives, while Kabenge was just extraordinary in his role and for that he deserves it.

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