23 January 2014

RWANDA : Eleven clubs to spice up basketball league

ELEVEN clubs will feature in the 2014 men’s national basketball league scheduled to kick off on February 22, according to the local federation, Ferwaba.The federation club secretary Richard Mutabazi said that four clubs have been added to the previous seven in a bid to bolster the league.The new clubs include Gisenyi, Huye-based University of Rwanda’s College of Humanities and Arts (formerly NUR), College of Education (formerly KIE) and IPRC-Kigali.The other teams in the league include APR, Espoir, Kigali, Rusizi, CSK, 30 Plus, and UGB.
Meanwhile, the women league has been boosted with two new clubs in UoR’s College of Humanities and Arts, and College of Education. They will join champions APR, RAPP and Ubumwe to constitute the league.

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