22 January 2014

ANGOLA : Chairperson Asks for Seriousness of Clubs in Training Process

Lubango — The chairperson of management committee of Basketball National Associations, Raul Duarte, has considered important the clubs to perform with more seriousness the training process of the players aimed to avoid absences in the competitions.
Speaking to Angop on Tuesday about the weak participation of teams in national male and female junior competitions, which is being hosted in Lubango city since Saturday, highlighted that it is important that the management of the teams, are more serious in this process, in order to avoid changes in the players' date of birth at the time of competitions.
"It is not good what is happening in the national competition. There is absolute absence of clubs and this fact reduces the competitiveness of the teams that have the mission of continuing in training the players for future national team", said the basketball coach.
Raul Duarte stated that the Angolan Basketball Association (FAB) has taken important decisions, while in the last editions some clubs had players with ages over the limit established by the rule for this category and many of them were still playing in junior and cadets championship.
To him, 1º de Agosto and Petro de Luanda male teams are the favorites.
The 28th edition of male Championship consists of five teams (1º de Agosto, Petro de Luanda, Sporting do Bié, Desportivo da Huíla and Casa Pessoal do Porto do Lobito) and the 27th in female consists of 1º de Agosto, Casa Pessoal do Porto do Lobito, Benfica do Lubango, Petro de Luanda, Interclube, Sporting de Benguela and Sporting do Bié.

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