20 November 2013

KENYA : Season evolution for finalists KPA

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 Updated on 20/11/13  |    By NOEL ROBERT

KPA’s season began with defensive concerns because of the team's lack of forwards and a roster with too many guards and small forwards.Those problems were defensively magnified with the team losing some games that shocked them early on the season.
KPA’s guards were allowing too much dribble-penetration which led to their big men and small forwards attempting to help. That in turn left KPA susceptible to easy points around the paint on put-backs, or giving up offensive rebounds which then allows their opponents a chance to reset and run another play. Then Coach Anthony Ojukwu brought in Ariel Okal on the board, Samwel Ochola got his flare back and Joseph Ouma reduced his turnover rate that cost KPA from the back court. Shooting guard Alex Lugasi also returned to the dock.
Of interest was Ochola’s sudden prowess to nail three point shots a rare feat for a four-man. Mid-range jumper is an inherently inefficient shot, one that most teams in the Classic League teams try to de-emphasize.  And yet, Ochola has largely made his living off pull-up jumpers out of pick-and-rolls this season.
Indeed, roughly half of his points this season have been pull-up jumpers within the perimeter and expect Ochola specifically, to give COOP Bank serous matchup problems today. On the flip side, KPA’s defense has been surprisingly efficient in the playoffs that saw them dismiss Nairobi Aviation and lions with ease in the first and second rounds respectively. KPA’s speed on the floor consistently has perhaps been the most surprising part of this whole ordeal. This team does not need more time to settle for anything less than a championship this season.
KBF Play offs fixtures
Equity vs Strathmore  06.00pm
Coopbank  vs KPA   08.00pm
21/11/2013 Kasarani
Strathmore vs Equity 06.00pm
KPA  vs  Coopbank  08.00pm
22/11/2013 Kasarani
equity vs strathmore  06.00pm
coopbank  vs  kpa  08.00pm
23/11/20-13 Kasarani
KAA  vs  KU pirates  10.00am
USIU Tigers  vs  Lions  12 noon
Equitybank vs Strathmore 6pm
KPA vs  Coopbank  08.00pm

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