10 November 2013

KENYA : KPA put one foot in finals after Storms' double

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 Updated on 10/11/13  |    By NOEL ROBERT

Former champions KPA have laid a step into this year’s finals after taking command of their semi finals series against Storms with two wins awaiting game three that is set to be played next weekend at their backyard.
The dock women took charge of game two from onset blowing out their opponents 27-4 in a one sided first quarter despite their depleted back court that was missing former MVP Hellen Oketch.
The second quarter was sort of balanced but the dock women continued with their onslaught against Storms taking control of the quarter with a 12-6 win to have a huge twenty nine point lead at halftime.
Storms buried the first three baskets of the third quarter prompting a timeout from KPA that helped to cool down their opponent’s aggression in the quarter that Storms took charge of with a 9-16 win that only helped to reduce KPA’s control of the game to twenty two points.
The final quarter was evenly contested with KPA slowing down the game  to cushion their lead. The dock women wrapped up the game with a 15-14 win and a 63-40 tally.
Susan Akinyi topped KPA’s score sheet with 12 points while Storms’ Yvonne Akinyi had 8

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