29 October 2013

MALAWI : Ndola Blazers win Malawi’s hood basketball

Chikwemba - basketball

Ndola Blazers defeated St Mary’s Gangsters 52-43 to emerge inaugural champions of the Joseph Chikwemba ‘Neighbourhood versus Neighbourhood’ Under-23 basketball tournament at Mulunguzi Secondary School in Zomba on Sunday.
Inspired by offguard Emmanuel Lembi, Blazers dominated the encounter in all the departments making it hard for their rivals to come back into the game.
Lembi, who was eventually voted the Most Valuable Player, scored 15 to guide Blazers to be the first side to win the tournament.  Dan Mponda, who was voted the Slam Dunk king, also notched in 14 points as Blazers cruised for victory.
St Mary’s Gangsters were not completely outdone and the Mbale brothers Charles and Henry took it upon themselves to narrow the margin. Henry scored 13 points with his brother Charles scoring 12 points.
Cobbe beat Matawale Wild Dogs 48-45 to settle for third place. The tournament’s founder and administrator Hope Chisamanga said the event was a success because it was violence free.
“The tournament received massive support from Zomba residents. They formed teams according to their townships.
“We are happy with the level of discipline. We plan to come back next year better and stronger,” said the former Southern Zone Basketball League (Sozobal) General Secretary.
The sponsor Joseph Chikwemba said he was impressed with the response and plans were underway to continue bankrolling the event.
“I am quite happy with the response because this is the first of its kind in Malawi. This kind of the tournament would help players grow with a winning mentality because they will be at pains after losing.
“This is a spirit which we need at national level where players have to fight for their country,” he said.

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