15 September 2013

ANGOLA : Interclube Beat 1º De Agosto and Lead Provincial Basketball Championship

Interclube defesated on Friday evening 1º de Agosto by 84-80 at Luanda's 28 de Fevereiro pavilion, in the third round of the provincial senior males basketball championship of Luanda and lead the competition with six points.
1º de Agosto ocupy the second position with five points.
1º de Agosto's player Edson Ndoniema was the top scorer of the match with 22 points.
In the first half, 1º de Agosto were winning the match by 44-33.
Check other results:
Universidade Lusíada - Petro de Luanda (71-91)
ASA - Amigos de Viana (129-51)
Vila Clotilde - Progresso do Sambizanga (64-61).
Saturday's next fixtures:
ASA - Vila Clotilde
Amigos de Viana - Universidade Lusíada
Progresso - 1º de Agosto
Petro de Luanda - Interclube.

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