15 July 2013

KENYA : KPA recovers to humble Safe Spaces

KPA at Nyayo
KPA at Nyayo
 Updated on 15/07/13  |    By DENNIS MACHIO

KPA on Sunday recovered from their previous day defeat to Eagle Wings to collect crucial points with a76-37 win over Safe Spaces in a KBF premier League match played at the Nyayo gymnasium in Nairobi.
Against Safe Spaces, KPA dominated in all quarters but the third which they lost 11-16.They started on a powerful note pinning their opponents to earn a sound 02-25 first quarter triumph.
The second quarter was closely contested ending 15-18 in favor of the Mombasa based side.
After missing their fixture on Saturday, Kakamega’s Western Delight finally showed up on Sunday but received a rude welcome at Nyayo with a humiliating 92-30 defeat by Storms.
Strathmore also had a brilliant day on the court at the same gym on Sunday humbling Mennonites 57-14.
KBF league results for Sunday
Nyta Shimba   20           vs.       USIU Flames 00 – Walk over
Safe Spaces 17/37            vs.            KPA.   43/76
02/15/16/04                                      25/18/11/22
12 pts Everlyne Itabu                       13 pts Joyce Makhungu
10 pts Jane Ouko                               15 pts Brenda Angeshi
Storms   43/92               vs.                Western Delight   19/30
31/12/29/20                                    10/09/07/04
26 pts Susan Akinyi                       10 pts Ruth Adionyi
15 pts Linnet Mukiri
Strathmore   29/57           vs.           Mennonites   05/14
19/10/15/13                                    05/00/04/05
11 pts Beatrice Maina                    05 pts Vivian Akinyi
10 pts Rachael Opinya
Equity Bank   19/52          vs.         KCA-U   18/36
06/13/17/16                                   06/12/08/10
10 pts George Omenda                   08 pts Brian Ondari
Zetech   28/64                 vs.            World Hope 21/60
14/14/21/15                                    07/14/20/19
16 pts Joshua Okumu                      15 pts Samuel Siosi
15 pts Joshua Kisali                         14 pts Patrick Wakasiaka
Nairobi Aviation   20         vs.          USIU Tigers   00

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