21 June 2013

UGANDA : UCU turn Canon fire on shaky Falcons

Neither UCU Canons nor Falcons is playing the way they would love to. However, they have had contrasting starts to the Airtel National Basketball League.
   UCU have had a perfect start to the season, winning all six games thus far. Falcons face them tonight at the Lugogo MTN Arena having already lost twice in their six games.
  Much of this start has nothing to do with the quality of players. There isn’t a big difference between Falcons, also six-time champions, and UCU, five-time semifinalists, in terms of roster
Their starts are pegged to the ‘peace’ within the ranks. “The team will come together when it matters. It’s early days, don’t read too much into what is happening now,” said coach Gad Eteu. The coach started the season as an assistant to head coach Tony Oluka like it was during their run to the final last year but with the latter absent without an explanation from him or management, the former is in charge.
The sentiment of things looking up is shared by all the players. “We just haven’t trained together on enough occasions,” said Abdulahi Ramadhan, one of the biggest instigators of the chaos, according to sources.

Besides, talk of infighting, which the club vehemently denies, centre Philip Ameny walked in after Falcons had rolled off their season. He is currently away with the team promising that he will be back but not attaching dates.

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