24 June 2013

KENYA : Strathmore Blades slay Tigers in Varsity derby

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 Updated on 23/06/13  |    By BRIAN AYIEKO

Strathmore Blades emerged victorious in the University derby after they beat USIU-A Tigers 68-52 on Sunday evening at the Nyayo Gymnasium.
The first quarter of the match saw Blades start on a blistering note in the first 6 minutes of play sinking in 9 points while Tigers failed to get any point. Tigers point guard Victor Bosire stepped up for the Thika Road based students getting a three point and eventually they rallied back into the match and this saw the quarter end at 14-13 in favor of Blades.
The 2nd quarter was clearly where the match was decided after USIU could not crack Strathmore’s defence coupled by a series of turnovers and they lost the quarter miserably at 6 points against Blades 22 points. Their first point came from a Nevile Odhiambo free throw after 8 minutes of play and this put the half time scores at 36-19 in favor of the Madaraka based Strathmore.
After the break USIU Coach David Maina led his charges to a man to man system of play and this worked out for the team as they managed to beat their opponents 13-10. The last quarter saw Tigers use the same strategy but after the fouling out of the inspirational Bosire the team lost psyche and they went down once more with 20 points while the winners of the day had 22 points.
David Ogolla and Pascal Nabwana who was in superb form throughout the match were Blades top scorers with 11 points each while Victor Bosire and team captain Chris Mulumba had 12 and 10 points respectively.


عن طريق اكبر دار مسنين فى مصر نوفر لكبار السن كل سبل الراحة من خلال العديد من الانشطة الاجتماعية والترفيهيه لجعل
تواصلهم مع الحياة الاجتماعية اسهل بدلا من الانعزال والوحدة
كما اننا قمنا بتوفير العديد من جليسات متخصصات فى رعاية مسنين بالمنزل خبرة كافية وحاصلين على شهادات فى
التمريض كما انهم يجيدون التعامل مع متطلبات كبار السن واحتياجاتهم
تواصل الان مع اكبر المتخصصين فى رعاية مسنين فى مصر لتتعرف على المزيد من الخدمات المقدمة
من خلال زيارة موقعنا الالكترونى

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