28 June 2013

KENYA : KBF Classic League weekend fixtures


 Updated on 28/06/13  |    By BRIAN AYIEKO
The Kenya Basketball Federation Classic weekend will resume this weekend and it will see 2012 runners up in the ladies category USIU Flames travel to Kakamega where they will face Western Delight at the Kakamega Police Canteen.
In Nairobi Defending Champions Co-op Bank will be up against Nairobi Avaition on Saturday at the Nyayo Gymnasium while on Sunday USIU Tigers will be up against UoN Terrorits from 3 pm at the same venue.
The collated fixtures are as follows:
 Kakamega (Saturday)
  • 10.00AM    Western delight      vs    USIU Flames
Saturday (Nyayo Gym)
  • 9.00 AM     Trailblazers    vs    Umoja
  • 10.30 am    KU Oryx     vs    NYTA Shimba
  • Noon            Zetech     vs    KU Pirates
  • 1.30 pm      Terror   vs     Blazers
  • 3.00 pm      Mennonites   vs   Ulinzi
  • 4.30 pm     Co-op Bank   vs   Nairobi Aviation
  • 9.00 am     World hope   vs   equity bank
  • 10.30 am   Eagle wings   vs   NYTA Shimba
  • Noon     Trailblazers   vs   K.A.A
  • 2.00 pm    Terror     vs     USIU Tigers
  • 4.00 pm    Lions   vs   Nakuru club

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