13 June 2013

KENYA : Alex Lugasi rejoins KPA

Lugasi (center) against USIU in a past match
Lugasi (center) against USIU in a past match
 Updated on 11/06/13  |    By BRIAN AYIEKO

Alex Lugasi has rejoined his former team Kenya Ports Authority basketball team (KPA). The point guard who plays for Masinde Muliro University in the Zuku sponsored University Basketball league (ZUBL) featured in the KBF Premier League match up against Mennonites on Sunday where they beat their opponents 70-63.
Lugasi had been signed from Masinde Muliro in the second leg of the 2012 season but after a few weeks into the 2013 season he was dropped alongside his brother Fred Lugasi amongst other players. The KPA management explained that it was finding it was expensive to facilitate players who were not from Mombasa.
However Lugasi has manage to secure an internship position with KPA therefore he will be relocating to Mombasa and has the go ahead to play for the team.
Speaking to michezoafrika.com Lugasi explained that he was delighted to be back but his biggest challenge will be how to balance playing for two teams, “I am happy to be back in the Premier League again but playing for both Masinde Muliro and KPA will be a challenge. The university has full knowledge of the responsibilities I have at KPA and they understand but I will feature for MMUST whenever I can.”

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