09 May 2013

ZIMBAWE : Cameo Upbeat As Buz Championships Begin

DEFENDING champions in the Basketball Union of Zimbabwe National championships, Cameo believe they have good chances of retaining the title when they battle it out in this year's edition in Bulawayo over the weekend.
The three-day event starts tomorrow and ends on Sunday with matches set for Bulawayo Club for the Disabled and Christian Boys College.
Cameo coach, Roderick Takawira said preparations have been progressing well despite the absence of some of the team's key players.
"We have prepared as best as we can. We put extra practices last week but we were severely disabled with the absence of certain key players. Eric Banda our top scorer went overseas on ZOC business, we were expecting him last night (Tuesday) or today (yesterday). A lot of our girls are in school in South Africa and some of them we will meet them in Bulawayo and some we are meeting them today. We would have liked to have more time but we will go with what we have.
"I think what we are facing is what other clubs are going through so I think it's an even ground for everyone. I think we have as good chances as everyone else.I think we are prepared.
"On the men's side we are much better because we had most of the guys, it's in the women's side that it's not up to satisfaction," said Takawira.
In the past editions the defending champions entered the competition as the top seed but for this year they have been replaced by the hosts, Highlanders who are seeded first in pool A while they have been seeded second in pool B.
"Before they changed the rules we were the top seed and when you are the top seed you get the easy route but the rules have changed and we no longer have that advantage. We are just as good as anyone else," said Takawira.
The veteran Cameo coach said it is unfortunate that there are no indoor courts locally and noted that the cold weather has also affected their preparations but remained confident they would do well. BUZ competitions director, Simon Lawson said they are happy with the response from the clubs and are looking forward to an exciting weekend in Bulawayo.
"We are happy with the way the teams have been registering and everything. They are forthcoming and it looks like we are going to have a good weekend and a good tournament," said Lawson.
The men's teams have been grouped into four pools of four with pool A made up of Highlanders, Raiders Hustlers and Cheetahs while pool B consists of Cameo, Southern Mavericks, Heat and Kings.

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