21 May 2013

KENYA : Eagle Wings’ Samba Mjomba out for a month

Samba Mjomba in action for Eagle Wings
Samba Mjomba in action for Eagle Wings
 Updated on 20/05/13  |    By TIMOTHY OLOBULU

National Women’s Basketball League defending Champions Eagle Wings will be forced to do without their dependable point guard Samba Mjomba for a month after she injured her knee in training last week.
“I was told by the doctor I will be out for a month. It is the same knee I injured last year while with the national team preparing for the Zone 5 games. I am already on physiotherapy sessions which I have to attend thrice a week,” Mjomba told Michezoafrika.com.
She missed her team’s last match against students Strathmore University and it was evident that her absence was felt as the team went down 48-26 in what will be their first loss of the season.
“It was painful to watch the team lose and you can’t do anything about it. I hate losing but I know that the team will recover. It is good that we have noted our mistakes quite early in the season and I trust that we will correct in time,” adds the 2011 season Most valuable player.

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