29 April 2013

UGANDA : Can Falcons Return to Their Previous Best?

Kampala, Uganda — It's almost impossible to talk about basketball in Uganda without mentioning Falcons basketball club.
They have won a record six titles. But for various reasons the club has been on a freefall prompting its management to restructure. This season Falcons riding on a Ush30m ($11,323) sponosrship bounty from Galaxy Fm to reclaim their throne.
Innocent Nahabwe proprietor of Galaxy Fm offered his patronage to the team promising casch bonuses for special wins among other incentives.
Falcons realized that their success is fan based and last week at Club Amnesia unveiled their squad and launched a fundraising drive to raise Ugssh75m ($28301) needed run the club.
Club directors Robert Kagoro and Denis Mbidde reiterated their desire to return to the top by doing everything right including players affairs.
"Our ambition of course to win the championship, last season showed that we can. There is pressure on us to be the best which is a good thing, pressure will drive us to success," Mbidde told East African business week sports desk.
The club has blended experience with young talent as a recipe to deliver, it showed against Rhinos intheir season opener last week. Captain Peter Elugant, Sam Obol, Steven Omony, Geofry Omondi and youngsters Stephen Tumwesigye make up the manttle of the team. Head coach Tony Oluka has cut out his technical approach clearly prefering a defensive approach rather than a running game.
Falcons is having their plans but it should be noted that basketball in Uganda is on the rise gauging from competition in the league.


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