16 April 2013

KENYA : Ulinzi Warriors intensify training for KBF

Updated on 16/04/13 | By BRIAN AYIEKO

Ulinzi Warriors basketball team has intensified its training as the KBF Premier league continues with Thunder leading the standings so far.
The team had lost its first match against KPA two weeks ago in Mombasa and according to Eliud Nzioka the team’s coach, they had not prepared well, “the game against KPA found us when we had not trained adequately but since then we have intensified our training and I am sure we can recover from that loss.”
Ulinzi lost the services of James Omune to Lions and Nzioka explained that work commitments was the main reason for his departure, “our training schedule was not compatible with his day to day schedule since he has to work so he had to move to a team where he could be accommodated but we have players who can take up his place.”
Nzioka also mentioned that his main problem was the Center position in which he was bringing in Vincent Ambani to strengthen the position, “I have a shortage in the center position but hopefully Ambani will be able to assist us as the league progresses.”
Ulinzi’s next match will be at the end of April.

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