10 April 2013

KENYA : Lugasi brothers no longer part of KPA

File Photo
File Photo

 Updated on 10/04/13 | By BRIAN AYIEKO
Alex Lugasi and his brother Fred Lugasi will be no longer part of the Kenya Ports Authority basketball team in the 2013 KBF Premier League.
According to Alex Lugasi they were informed that the team could no longer sponsor players that are not based in Mombasa, “we were told that it was not possible to sponsor the players that are not from Mombasa since the logistical costs were expensive so they had to drop us. But they also mentioned that they were waiting for contracts to be released and after that they would re evaluate their decision.”
Also affected by the decision was Patrick Kirui from Nairobi and Martin Kitong’o who hails from Western alongside the Lugasi brothers.
The two brothers were an integral part of KPA’s campaign last year, missing the title by a whisker.

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