10 April 2013

KENYA : Equity adapting to Division One League

Updated on 10/04/13 | By BRIAN AYIEKO

Equity basketball team are slowly adapting to the Kenya Basketball Federation Division One League according to the team’s coach Radhi Ndalu. Equity secured their second win in the league on Sunday after they beat fellow debutants in the league Little Prince 61-49 at the Nyayo Gymnasium.
The team coach states that despite the wins the team has not managed to train well therefore not at its top form, “the recent rains has hampered our training so we are not at our best, once we can train adequately I know we can play better basketball.”
However the coach states that the two wins is a great motivation for the side and that they are adapting, “obviously we are glad of the wins since they have eased us into the league.”
On the challenges of playing in a new league the coach pointed out their main shortcoming was the short clock, “in this league you have 24 seconds with the ball while in the lower league which we played (NBA) there was no way of gauging. Because of this, you find that we hold on to the ball longer therefore causing problems here since time might run out for us when we are in possession. But we are working on that.”
Equity has managed to acquire the services of Brian Obimbo formerly of UON Terrorists and Victor Kwambai who used to play for USIU Tigers and the coach has described them as worthy additions to his team, “Obimbo finished campus last year and we are looking at the possibility of securing a job with the bank. For Kwambai, he is already an employee and therefore he is good to go. They are both good players and I know they will help us in our campaign.”
The coach’s parting shot was for the other teams in the league, “most of the other teams don’t give us the respect that we need since we are from the lower league but let them watch us and see how we shall give them a hard time and from there things will be different.”

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