22 March 2013

KENYA : KPA Suffer Blow As Nson Moves to Blazers

KENYA Ports Authority (KPA) suffered a major blow after shooting guard Abel Nson moved to another Premier League side Blazers. Nson, who has also played for reigning national champions Co-operative Bank of Kenya, said he is done with top class basketball and wanted to enjoy himself instead. "I can no longer play the game at such a high level and that is why I decided to move to Blazers so that I can enjoy the game more because there is no much competition here at the lower level," he said. Blazers, who avoided relegation by a whisker a last minute win that sent University of Nairobi "Terrorists" down, said they are happy to have Nson in the team because of his experience and shooting ability.
"We are happy to have him in our team. He is great shooter and will also give us the experience that should help us keep up with the tempo in the Premier League," said player/coach Ken Keya.
Kenya Basketball Federation (KBF) fixtures secretary confirmed it's only Nson who has taken the transfer forms and he is free to move after making the necessary payments.
Nson turned out for his new side in the pre-season tournament at the Nairobi Railways Club that was won by Strathmore University.

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