02 March 2013

KENYA : KPA seeking to recruit ahead of 2013 season

Updated on 01/03/13 | By BRIAN AYIEKO

The Kenya Ports Authority basketball teams will hold a major players’ recruitment ahead of the 2013 Kenya Basketball Federation Premier League, this is according to coach Antony Ojuku.
The women’s team finished 3rd in the 2012 season while the men’s team were 4th and according to Ojuku, this is a worrying trend, “ for the past 3 years our performance has taken a dive and that is not a good thing considering our status in Kenyan basketball.”
Ojuku admits that in order to change the situation for the better, they have to recruit new players, “for the ladies team we really appreciate what they have done for the past 10 years but we need younger players. The current squad has a number of players who have grown older which is a normal thing in sports but we need to inject some fresh blood.”
On whether building a new team will affect their performance , Ojuku is optimistic that they shall be able to overcome, “even with the current squad we started from zero and worked our way upwards so if we get new players yes we shall have some difficulty before the team blends but it will be for the best.”
The coach who is a former national team player states that the KPA management is well aware of his plans and has supported his quest, “I have talked to the management and they agree that we need new players and once the logistics are undertaken then I will have the go ahead to start scouting for the players that I need.”

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