29 March 2013

KENYA: KBF Play-Offs to Revert to Best of Five Series

THE national league play-off finals will revert to the best of five series beginning this year, officials confirmed.
Kenya Basketball Federation (KBF) assistant secretary, Ambrose Kisoi, said this was a major change made in the rules governing the league during the team managers meeting held at the Nyayo Stadium over the weekend.
The move for the best of five series will start with this year's semi finals and then proceed to the finals. But the quarter finals, he clarified, will still be played in the best of three series. Next year, they will look into making the finals best of seven series. "When the inaugural play-off matches were introduced in 1997, it was played in the best of five series. But this was changed in 1999 after a tragic road accident involving Barclays Bank Eaglets players as they returned from a league tie in Mombasa."
"The number of games in the play-offs was then reduced due to inadequate time following that tragedy. It is good to move back to the old format. It means only an extra two weekends," noted national team head coach Ronnie Owino. It was also decided in the same meeting that a league and competitions committee be constituted to help KBF run the league professionally. It will consist of a five-man team namely—Joseph Amoko, Charles Goro, Cynthia Mumbo, Owino and George Namake.

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