23 March 2013

KENYA : Changes on KBF week one fixtures

USIU file picture
USIU file picture

Updated on 22/03/13 | By DENNIS MACHIO

Kenya Basketball Federation has announced mild changes on this weekend’s league matches with matches involving USIU and Western Delight shelved to a later date.
According to Joseph Amuoko who is the fixtures secretary, USIU teams are still playing in their University games while Western Delight requested to have their Mombasa matches against Shimba Hills and KPA shelved.
The other matches will however go on as planned.
The affected matches include:
USIU vs. Storms
USIU vs. Nakuru Club
Western Delight vs. Shimba Hills
Western Delight vs KPA
Saturday fixtures as follows:
Div 1- KAA vs. Little Prince (9am), Umoja vs. Terror (10:30am); (Nyayo Gymnasium)
Women Premier league - Co-op Bank vs. Safe Spaces (12:00pm),Mennonites vs KCA-U
Men’s Premier league - Mennonites vs. Blazers (3:00pm), Thunder vs. Co-op Bank (4:30pm)
Div 1:Parklands vs KCA-U, Umoja vs World Hope, Trail Blazers vs Equity.
Premier Men: Lions vs Aviation,

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