01 February 2013

UGANDA : Nansobya Bullish Over Women's Basketball

The just-concluded Zone V basketball Championship saw Uganda's women's team finish with bronze.
It is a feat they had never pulled off before. Felix Eupal talked to Judith Nansobya, one of the team's focal players, on how far the team can go next time.
Nansobya, who was still beaming with joy, told The Observer that they could actually have done better if they had learnt the other teams' strengths fast. Following the failure to make the finals, some pessimists were quick with the "I told you so" tag. They argued how the women's team was too defensive, lacked depth on the front court and in the point-guard position.
However, the same team managed to come third; so, they managed to do a few things right. "Having three coaches was a very good thing; each one brought something different," Nansobya says.
The coaching staff, led by Timothy Odeke, whose assistants were Ali Mavita and Nimrod Kaboha, brought a lot of experience and expertise in the game. For Mavita in particular, having recently retired from the game meant that she brought her personal touch since she had played with most of the ladies on the team.
Then there was the issue of giving rookies a chance. Magic Stormers' youthful Claire Lomono was one of the highlights in this regard: and for someone who had never played at that level, the composure she exhibited projected to a bright future for the women's team, according to Nansobya.
However, Nansobya isn't tempted to celebrate finishing third. "The target now is to win the championship. But we have to do a lot for that to happen. The team needs more friendly games, so that there is more team chemistry."
Odeke also pointed out that the players needed to work on their game generally because technical ability on court is more important than anything to achieve their goal next time round.

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