21 February 2013

KENYA : Zuku acquires rights to air NBA

File picture of the KBF League matches
File picture of the KBF League matches

Updated on 20/02/13 | By BRIAN AYIEKO

Pay Tv Operator Zuku has acquired rights to broadcast the National Basketball Association commonly referred to as NBA for the next three years. Under the deal Zuku Sports Channel will broadcast 72 Regular Season Games, played in the U.S. on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sunday and will air live on Zuku Sports Channels 301.
Announcing the deal, Wananchi Programming Managing Director Hannelie Bekker, said “We can now confirm that ZUKU has obtained extensive rights to the next three years of NBA. In addition to regular season games we will be carrying up to 8 Playoff Games, up to 7 Conference Finals Games, a number of NBA Finals Recap Programs and an exciting weekly show “NBA Action” will keep fans up to date with recaps, highlights and insights.
The NBA is made up of 30 teams broken down into 2 conferences, Eastern and Western. Both conferences are broken down in 3 divisions; Atlantic, Central and Southeast (Eastern) and Northwest, Pacific and Southwest (Western).
Following the regular season, 8 teams from each conference take place in the play-offs which start in April. Each play-off tie is played out on best of 7 matches.
Each match is made up of 4 quarters of 12mins compared to the local basketball scene where a quarter lasts 10 minutes. Should the game be drawn then there is overtime to determine the winner.

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