23 January 2013

Uganda: Friday Night Light Season 3 Here

The exciting Friday night lights pre-season basketball championship is drawing nigh as Aidah Kembabazi reports.
The Friday Night Light season is back with three packages for all basketball lovers in and around Kampala. The fun and entertainment-filled basketball tournament that gives basketball fans a chance to interact with their favourite players will be launched in Kigali, Rwanda on February 1. Real action will then follow on subsequent Fridays at the YMCA grounds
In the tournament, 10 of the favourite players in the FUBA basketball league are chosen and given the liberty to choose a maximum of 10 other players from the league and three fans to make their team. The new season will have two new women's teams. Team Ikong, the defending champions, and Team Kasewu are the biggest names to watch out for in the season.
Channel O, KCB bank and Castle Lite have teamed up with Capital FM, Hot loaf and Rwenzori water to give more colour to the fun filled tournament. Fans can participate in a draw that would get them a chance to play with their favourite teams by typing 'FNL(SPACE)TEAM(SPACE)NAME' and send it to 6633.
At the end of the tournament, one lucky fan will have a chance to win a trip to the US to watch a live NBA game.
"This time round, we want to create a more harmonious interaction between the fans and their favorite players," said Brian Wathum, the FNL social media specialist.

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