15 January 2013

KENYA : KBF appeals for reverse of Lions’ sponsorship withdrawal

KCB Lions
KCB Lions

Updated on 15/01/13 | By DENNIS MACHIO
Kenya Basketball Federation officials say the withdrawal of sponsorship for one of its leading club in the league -KCB Lions- is a big blow to the growth of the basketball league in Kenya.
Joseph Amuoko a long serving official at the Kenyan Federation has called on the officials to rescind the decision considering KCB is the first club to be supported by the Bank and also the club with the highest number of followers in the local league.
“I confirm that we at the Kenya Basketball Federation have received a letter informing us of the decision by the bank to withdraw sponsorship and pull the team out of the league. This is for sure a big blow to all of us in the basketball fraternity.” Amuoko says.
Last season witnessed one of the most competitive leagues and though they finished in third place behind winners Cooperative bank and runners up USIU Tigers, KCB Lions dominated the better part of the season going unbeaten throughout the first leg.
“KCB is one of oldest basketball clubs in Kenya and withdrawing the sponsorship is partly killing the game and the competition that comes with it.” He adds,
“We know that the basketball team was the first ever club to be formed and supported by the bank in the 70’s long even before Football, Rugby and volleyball. This is like killing your first born and it is our humble appeal to the decision makers to reverse the decision.” Amuoko concludes.

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