28 January 2013

KENYA : East Africa’s MVP Indasi attributes it to team power

Hilda Indasi remains the best player in the region winning top honors in all major competitions she features in. The USIU lead player was over the weekend named the Most Valuable player during the Regional Zone 5 African Cup of Nations qualifiers that also featured Egypt.
She also emerged as the tournament’s top scorer in a competition Kenya finished unbeaten to qualify for the African Cup of Nations that will be hosted by Mozambique in September.
Hilda was last year named the Most Valuable Player of the Kenyan Basketball premier League after guiding her team USIU to a second place finish behind champions Eagle Wings. She had also earlier in the year 2012 been named the Most Valuable player during the Zone 5 basketball Club championships held in Kampala Uganda.
Indasi thanks her team mates for braving the horrible hot weather in Daresalaam to extinguish all existing opposition especially against North Africans Egypt. She says the team’s success was due to the dedication of all team members.
“That was one of the best competitions we have featured in. Everyone played their hearts out and I thank God for every single point we gained from the tournament. We now look forward to the challenge that comes ahead and Mozambique should be prepared for our arrival.” She says.
“The match against Egypt was; like our final. They are athletic, tall, fast on the ball and very technical as well, but then we are the best because we defeated them. It was a tense match and with dehydration and the heat also playing g its part, my team mates gave it their all.” She adds.
The women’s qualifiers was played on a round robin format with Kenya playing five matches back to back against Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Egypt and Uganda winning all of them.
“Under the Daresalaam heat, it was challenging to play all those matches without resting. I thank God for the top awards and I further appreciate the support of team mates because without their valuable support, nothing could have been achieved. It is now time for all of us to focus and concentrate on better preparation for the African Cup of Nations.” She concludes.

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