26 November 2012

ZIMBABWE ; Abra Simzz to Hold Basketball Tournament

US . -based Zimbabwean music producer Simukai Mandizvidza, better known as Abra Simzz in entertainment circles, will on December 1 host a basketball tournament at the Harare International School.
Harare's eight high schools would battle it out for the top position at the tournament dubbed 'All Star Weekend'.
Outstanding players would walk away with various prizes including a plasma television and gift vouchers among others.
Schools selected include St John's High, St John's College, St George's College, Gateway, Prince Edward, Churchill, Eaglesvale and Mufakose high schools.
They are expected to provide four players and each team would consist of 16 players, coach and managers.
Simzz encouraged the students to showcase their talent and be rewarded.
"We are aiming to highlight star players in the country and give them an opportunity to grow and acquire scholarships.
"The age groups selected for the competition range from 14-17 years," he said
Simzz said they were investing in the future generation and ploughing back into the community.
The determined producer also pointed that sports presented a bridge between music and other activities.
"It is awesome for the youths to be remembered and I want them to feel rewarded and help them achieve their goals," he said.
Top urban groove artists Cindy Munyanyi, Charisma, Trey Young and Ten Diamond are expected to entertain the crowds.
Recently, the youthful producer embarked on a tourism drive and launched a programme christened "Adopt a Block", aimed at cleaning the capital ahead of the 2013 United Nations World Tourism Organisation.

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