30 November 2012

NIGERIA : Lagos Men, Women Basketball Teams Secure Victories

Lagos — The Lagos State men and women basketball teams on Wednesday began their matches at the ongoing 18th National Festival on a good note by defeating their opponents, Ekiti and Taraba, respectively.
The male team defeated lowly-rated Team Ekiti 87- 33, while the females smashed Team Taraba, 74-8. Coach Olayinka Oyewunmi of the Lagos female team described the win as a well-deserved victory, secured due to hard work.
"We worked really hard toward having such results. I do not see the Taraba team as weak, but our preparation and determination was stronger in the game," Oyewunmi said.
His Taraba counterpart, Coach Adoko Alhasan, said that his girls were non-league players, compared to the girls from Lagos state. "Our team is made up of non-league players; our girls are younger and weaker in the game, compared to their opponents.
"I thought not playing league players was part of the recommendations by the National Sports Festival rules.
"However, this result shows there is still a lot to work on in our defence, attack and winning rebounds," Alhasan said.
But Coach Awojirin Adetayo of Ekiti refused to admit that his side was the weaker team.
"We lost today because of fatigue; I made my team go through a strenuous walk out before the game started.
"I am not in any way disappointed in my team; we will surely bounce back from this loss," he said.
In other results of the day in the female category, Team Rivers defeated Kaduna, 42-32, while Team Niger defeated Adamawa, 50-29.
In the male, the Oyo State team defeated Gombe, 62-54. (NAN)

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