12 November 2012

LIBERIA : Liberia: LBA Boss Trouble Depends - As Stakeholder Asked for Resignation - Invites MYS

A stakeholder of the Liberia Basketball Association is calling for the immediate resignation of the association President T. Rufus Anderson.
In a communication to Minister Tonorlah Varpilah of the Ministry of Youth and Sports copy of which is in the possession of this paper, the President of D-Rockas Basketball Club said the passion and preparation of players development as opposed to the national league has been poorly managed by the leadership of the LBA.
Mr. Ali Sylla said the current leadership lacks the requisite administrative ability to manage the association which he said have miserably failed to organize the league and develop the game.
In his letter dated November 8, 2012, the former basketball star mentioned that the Rufus Anderson's administration has failed the Liberian youth including fans of the basketball game.
He pointed out that the leadership that spearheaded the just ended FIBA Afrique clubs championship of which Liberian clubs performed dismally and the Junior Lone Star pitiable show up in Ivory Coast derived from the poor facilitation of the Liberia Basketball Association.
"They have killed the passion of the game amongst players, sponsors and followers, and now is about time to call it a day", he said.
"Can you imagine the leadership disgracefully borrowed a a set of jersey from Patriots, a local team for use by the National team in Ivory Coast, an act that is highly degrading", he revealed.
The outspoken basketball stakeholder stated that with the barrage of issues and misconduct surrounding the LBA, he and many other basketball stakeholders are disappointed with the leadership.
"With this backdrop, Rufus Anderson must resign as head of the association", he warned.
Over the weekend, D-Rockas President reminded the local basketball house to call for immediate election to replace the Vice President for Administration who resigned his post few months back.
He cited that an independent audit committee be established to audit the leadership; according to him, since the leadership came to being it is yet to make financial report an instance that speaks to serious financial malpractice at the association.
Sylla also joined other basketball clubs heads and pundits in calling for a documented financial report from the just ended FIBA Afrique championship which took place last July at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex.
"I think the MYS need to setup an independent auditing committee to audit the LBA; we have not received any financial report from the association in three years", Mr. Sylla added.
He noted that the FIBA Afrique ended few months ago and the institution is yet to receive report from donations made which according to him, is a bad omen

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