25 November 2012

KENYA : Tigers survive Blades scare to win Game 1

Updated on 25/11/12 | By BRIAN AYIEKO

USIU Tigers on Saturday afternoon managed to beat Strathmore Blades 70-74 to win game one of the KBF Premier League Play-offs quarter final stage. The highly volatile match saw USIU take the 1st quarter 16-13 but slumped in the 2nd quarter (16-21) to allow Strathmore easy passage. This put the half time scores at 34-32 in favor of the Blades.
The Tigers were more rejuvenated in the 3rd quarter with Ramadhan Aron and Evans Letting pulling the strings for the Thika Road based students, capitalizing on the free throws but it was not enough since Strathmore were more determined to end their streak of losses this year to the Tigers and they managed to hold off their opponents to a 19 point draw to end the quarter at 51-53 in favor of the Blades.
In the last quarter, it was a more of a see-saw affair with both teams exchanging the lead but USIU were the more composed of the two and with six minutes to go Strathmore faltered missing 3 out of the 4 free throws that they were awarded after a foul was called on Aron for elbowing Pascal Nabwana. In the process of the foul Aron was forced to sit out the rest of the match.
Blades point guard Nickson Konya who was influential in the side’s attack also fouled out with 4 minutes to go and this is the point where Tigers managed to punch misery to Tony Ochieng’s side. With just a minute to go, Letting managed to sink in 3 free throws awarded.
Strathmore attempted rallying back introducing David Ogolla to marshal the attack but with 48 seconds to go he lost the ball and Letting with the counter attack managed to seal the win for the Tigers with 2 points.
The two teams meet again on Sunday for the game two and if Tigers win the match they would have secured a spot in the semis while a Blades’ win will force game 3 to be played.
11/12/19/11 04/12/11/14
13 pts Emma Nyakweba 15 pts Natalie Akinyi
10 pts Linda Alando
U.S.I.U. FLAMES 33/73 VS N.Y.T.A. SHIMBA 17/46
23/10/21/19 08/09/16/13
26 pts Hilda Indasi 14 pts Peter Thundecia
12 pts Zipporah Odhiambo
11/09/16/17 04/12/13/18
12 pts Everlyn Nora 18 pts Melissa Akinyi

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