25 October 2012

Tanzania: Mwanza Pulls Out of Taifa Cup

THIS year's National Basketball Championship, Taifa Cup, has experience an unexpected blow following the decision by Mwanza to pull out of the event for what has been termed as the region's attempt to get over the predicament it suffered in the previous tournament.
Tanzania Basketball Federation (TBF) has organized the Taifa Cup Championship, which is expected to take place in Tanga from October 29 to November 5, this year. Mwanza Regional Basketball Association (MRBA) Vice-Chairman, Vincent Shinda, told the 'Daily News' that his body has willingly decided not to send the Mwanza regional basketball squad to Tanga as part of efforts to put the body in order and seek better ways to manage the sport in the region.
He said MRBA is now talking to the region's basketball stakeholders in a bid to convince the latter to support the association's projects for the next season after the stakeholders had opted to stop supporting the body when it came to conflict with TBF during the last year's Taifa Cup in Dar es Salaam.
Mwanza encountered the wrath of TBF, in which the latter handed a section of MRBA officials a variety of punishments after the region's men's basketball team was involved in chaos that led to the delay of the last year's men's category final of the Taifa Cup at the Leaders Club venue. "We have decided to pull out of this year's Taifa Cup Championship because we want to get over the crisis we suffered during the last year's event.
We felt that we need to put our house in order and revive the cooperation we had with basketball stakeholders that have been supporting us," said Shinda.He noted that some of the stakeholders, who have been meeting Mwanza's expenses whenever the region participates in competitions in and outside the country, had decided to stop supporting the region's basketball squad after it, was involved in the Taifa Cup chaos last year.
"Some of our sponsors had even stopped supporting us when we encountered suspensions from TBF as the sponsors felt our team was the reason behind the last year's chaos in the Taifa Cup final. We have been talking to the sponsors and some of them have understood our explanations and have promised to support us next season," he said.
"For that matter, we have decided to reorganize our body in a bid to be truly committed to developing basketball in Mwanza and ensure the region performs well in both domestic and regional competitions," added Shinda.He said MRBA is currently supervising a regional basketball clubs tournament involving ten clubs in a bid to put the region's basketball players in great shape ahead of the next season.
"We have decided to organized this tournament so that players could participate regularly in competitive basketball and, in the process, put themselves in great shape ahead of the next season," he said, adding that MRBA will organize the Robert Cup early next month with the same motive.
He said the tournament's matches are played on weekends in four venues namely Saint Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT), Butimba Teachers Training College, Pasiansi and Kiloleli.Participating clubs include Bugando Heat, Bugando Planet, Bugando Warriors, Butimba Spiders, Dolphin Pasiansi, Dragon, Eagles, St Francis, SAUT Stars and SAUT Warriors.

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