22 October 2012

KENYA : Thunder strikes Terrorists at Nyayo

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Updated on 22/10/12 | By BRIAN AYIEKO

Shauri Moyo based Thunder basketball team on Sunday afternoon beat UON Terrorists 59-41 with Thunder captain Griffins Ligare marshaling his side with 11 points to get the much deserved win.
Terror had managed to hold off Thunder with a one point margin in the 1st quarter getting 12 points against Thunder’s 11 points. It was the second quarter that Terrorist slumped getting 6 points while Ligare’s side stepped up their defense and capitalised on the rebounds to get 15 points to put the half time scores 26-18.
Speaking to michezoafrika.com Ligare was delighted with his sides win and was hoping if they could replicate the same form they would be in a better position in finishing among the play offs bracket, “ We played well and we hope to continue so as to have a have chance to play in the play-offs.”
Thunder continued to dominate in the second half taking both quarters (3nd quarter 13-7) and (4th quarter 20-16) in which was a clear tactical warfare between the two coaches of both teams.
In the last match of the day arch rivals USIU Tigers beat Madaraka based Strathmore University 63-61 when they hosted them at the same venue.
Collated results for matches played at the Nyayo Gymnasium are as follows:
KCA-U 27/48 VS K.A.A. 28/52
15/12/11/10 11/17/15/09
16 pts Martin Okaka 11 pts mark Ouko
08 pts Victor Okello 10 pts Vito Khote
05/16/19/17 13/15/15/13
19 pts Domnic Osale 17 pts Shem Otieno
14 pts Samuel Dede
10/07/07/11 14/08/11/09
19 pts Anne Liambila 16 pts Lynette Atieno
07 pts Emilly Ongoro 11 pts Florence Mbithe

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